Math is in every facet of our world, and every child needs to feel successful with it. This engagement happens when students understand how it fits into their lives — when they realize it’s the backbone of every hobby they have! If a student loves cooking, put it in the form of recipes. Avid soccer player? Utilize topics of speed and distance. Lego builders can explore scale and measurement. When it’s integrated into the things they love, math becomes approachable. With more confidence, they understand that math is part of everything around us in a current and immediate way, from marketing algorithms on Netflix to vaccine distribution around the world.

We support scholars and professors conducting research studies on this subject, and schools that are testing new programs. Our focus is the region between the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno, Nevada.  We believe in exploring fresh ways to approach math, so students connect with it on a level that is hands-on, practical, and fun. Then they’re truly prepared to take that next step of applying it to a career path, and understanding what it means to their future!