We want to re-imagine post-secondary systems at the community level to strive to better educate and develop students who are not currently well-served by a traditional 4-year academic post-secondary path.  While many are well-served by our post-secondary system, many others struggle with what to do after high school and how to prepare for a career – even if they can prepare for a career. There seem to be endless options and yet so many students find it challenging to find a stable, respectable income and a degree to give them options down the road.  Likewise, so many employers are having a hard time finding talent with the skills needed.

We believe integrating a vocational and academic path can provide options for students, families, and businesses.  With collaboration between local businesses and schools, it’s possible to prepare students for a career, generate a skilled workforce for businesses, and still provide an education that provides options for the future.  We believe a blend of education and apprenticeships or vocational training can be exactly the right option for a lot of students and families.

Between the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno, NV, we support local communities and schools develop and test post-secondary programs that prepare a skilled workforce and provide the opportunities of a college degree.